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As each of us adapt to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, we write to you today to let you know how we are responding as a firm and community partner.


As of today, we are taking two, small actions to support our community.

  1. Helping Those With Food Insecurity
    Many may not know where their next meal is coming from in this time of crisis. It is estimated that approximately 2 million people in Los Angeles County live with food insecurity.To that end, we are proud to donate to the South Bay Food Initiative and encourage you to join us if you are able.
  2. Supporting Local, Independent Businesses
    We are also worried about the lasting impact this pandemic will have on the local, independent businesses in our community. Part of what makes the South Bay so special are the myriad small businesses we rely upon from day to day. We know they are especially hurting during these times, and we also know that one of the ways we can help is to continue to patronize and support them in any way we can.Along those lines, we are reimbursing our employees 50% of all gift card purchases (up to $1,000) to local businesses.

In unprecedented times such as these, we all rely on one another.  We hope you can join us in supporting your community in similar ways.

Should you need anything from us as you navigate the days ahead, please let us know.

All the best,
Alexander Yoffe & Michael Cooper